• Must be an undergraduate or non-degree post-baccalaureate business student
  • Must be declared as an accounting, finance, or computer information systems major
  • Must have completed ACC 2080 with a "B" or better
  • Must maintain both a major GPA (upper-division courses outside the business core) and a cumulative GPA of 3.00


If you are unable to fulfill the requirements for membership, you may to take part in limited activities as a candidate.

  • A candidate can be considered an individual who has not yet completed ACC 2080 or has not yet met the GPA requirement.

Candidates are not able to take part and enjoy the same privileges as a full member, but will be included in our e-mailing list and student network.

Application Process

  1. Unofficial Transcript from BroncoDirect
    • Save a copy and email the transcript to Dr. Gomaa at​
    • Receive confirmation from Dr.Gomaa to move forward in application process.
  2. Application and Waiver
    • Complete the Membership Application and the Waiver Form : BAP Initiation Waiver and Beta Alpha Psi Membership Application
  3. Membership Fee
    • Payable to a Director of Membership
    • Price: $75 National Fee (one-time payment), $40 Semester Fee or $65 Annual Fee
    • When you are approved by our director you can send your payment to our Treasurer titled “BAY Membership” to the following venmo account: “@herodriguezz”
    • If using check, please make it payable to "CPP Beta Alpha Psi", If using Venmo, please pay to @herodriguezz
  4. Please do the following steps in order.